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To celebrate this wonderful aknowledgement for freedom and universal love, what better than to remember the web color hex values for those 7 symbolic colors:


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Hello fellow readers (all 5 of you anyway LOL). If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I am a big Jeremy Lin fan. I mean, I even named my first born son, "Jeremy" (not kidding). Anyhow, I am now also a writer on, a website dedicated to providing intelligent discussion and insight on the heavily polarized 2012 sensation Asian American NBA player Jeremy Lin. If you are at all interested, head over there and read my new published article or click here:

The Anatomy of a UX(er)

My son decided to mess up my sleeping schedule by staying up all weekend and then decided to sleep through the night. The result? Though physically fatigued from sleep deprivation, I found myself wide-eyed, staring at my ceiling, pondering about "stuff". Out of that pondering came the idea for evaluating what I really do (for the umpteenth time) and topic for a new post on this site. So without further ado, here is my quick scan of the "Anatomy" of a UX professional.

1. We see through the eyes of a 'pragmatic' designer
Incongruity, broken patterns, and misalignment bother us. Visuals that not only stir the senses, but are also with defined rules and hierarchy make us happy.

2. We think in 'code' literally and not literally

Literally, we understand technology and the languages, systems, frameworks and programs that govern what's possible. Not literally, we prefer to approach problems and methodically find solutions both heuristically and logically.

3. We listen and internalize communication like a 'psychiatrist'

To our users/consumers/customers, we are empathetic to how they experience a software/product/service. We welcome feelings of frustration, distraught, or worse - indifference; because it creates challenges for us to change them into those of empowerment, clarity and excitement. To our clients/stakeholders/bosses, we are your common sense consultants, we know what keeps you up at night, but are relentless in 'tactfully' persuading you to champion your users/consumers/customers and invest in long-term strategies that yield sustainable improvements to the bottom-line; and avoid conceding to the temptations of revenue 'band aids'.

4. We speak with the voice of (cheer) leaders

Our team members are everything to us. The visionary blueprints that we draw are only as good as the people who help mold and execute those plans. We strive to remind others of the importance of their work and the impact the end-product will potentially have on end-users. We lead by keeping the energy up and flowing through each designer, project manager, developer, analyst, strategist and tester.

5. We have the heart of an architect

Our passion lies in planning and designing constructs that solve business challenges and empower people. We love to create environments that deliver meaningful and practical experiences. User and business problems are ingredients to us for devising recipes.

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